We Will Be Living in a Great City Near Family

I’m at my Cuban husband when he came to my city for a business trip. We met one another at a restaurant event through the company that we both work for. We felt connected right away and began dating long distance after that. He is from Miami, and he has been planning to take me there to meet his family for a long time. He had even asked me about the possibility of us moving there if we found an apartment for rent in Miami Beach that I liked. I told him that I would certainly entertain that possibility, but I also explained that I would want us to make sure to plan everything out first.

The trip to meet my husband’s parents was fantastic. We did not have a big wedding, so I didn’t get to meet them prior to our marriage or on our wedding day. We work a lot, and the thought of planning out something big for over a year just seemed like a waste of time to us. Instead, we took off to Hawaii and got married on the beach. His parents were going to meet us there, but one of them became very sick, and they were unable to make it. So, I made sure to let them know that I was anxious to meet them now that I am married to their son. I have had a couple of video chats with them online, and that has been nice. However, I wanted to know them in person as soon as possible.

The trip to see his family and the city where he is from really sparked me to want to move there. My hubby had been hinting about it for awhile, but going there really lit a fire under me. I discussed a transfer with the CEO of our company and he approved it. So, I will already have a job waiting for me there once we move.