This is Our First Home Together As Husband and Wife

My boyfriend and I met in college in New York. We both knew from almost the start that this was going to be a happily ever after kind of story for the two of us. I was head over heels for him by our third date, and he told me that it happened on our first date for him. He is from Charlotte, and he asked if I would live there with him the night he proposed to me. He said that the Charlotte luxury apartments are definitely the right kind of place for the two of us to start our lives together, and I told him I would follow him anywhere.

About a month before we graduated, he showed me the website for an apartment complex that is about 10 minutes from where his parents live. I love his parents as much as I do my own after spending a lot of time with them on various trips, and I knew that we would be happy living so close to them. He showed me the apartment that he wanted, and I could see why once I looked at all of the features within the apartment as well as on the grounds.

I showed my mom, and she told me that it was perfect because of the guest bedroom. That meant she and my dad could come visit us as often as they want without having to get a hotel room. My boyfriend is super close with my parents now too, so this was just working out all the way around. I lived with my parents after I graduated, but just until our wedding two months later. He lived in our new apartment in Charlotte, but he would stay with his parents when I visited so I could stay there and decorate it how I wanted. It really is the best apartment ever, and I am so glad this our first home together.