I Never Want to Move from Here

My first apartment was a small two room one on top of my parent’s garage. It was extremely small, and I had to go down to the main house to shower. My next one was a studio that had a full bath was still so small. I was happy to move out of that one into a small one bedroom unit, but even that was very tiny. That i why I wanted something huge when I started looking at Asheville NC apartments not that long ago. I never had the money before to get what I wanted, but that was no longer the case.

I did not want a two bedroom apartment or anything like that. What I wanted was a one bedroom unit that has large rooms. I did not want to be cramped anymore. When I saw the different floor plans for the apartments at The District, I knew that I would find something that I liked mainly because there were just so many different ones available there. I looked at the larger ones first, the ones with high square footage. As soon as I saw the second one, I knew that I did not have to look any further.

It is a one bedroom unit, but it is packed with a lot of extras with it. The bathroom is so large, and I honestly think it is bigger than what my last bedroom was. It as three doors in it. One goes to my bedroom, one goes to the kitchen area, and one goes into my private haven, also known as my walk in closet. There is a laundry room, a den, a pantry, a large kitchen and an even bigger living room, and a balcony with a gorgeous view. This place is so nice that i never want to move!