I Just Got Back from the Navy

I have not been home more than a few days and right now I am sleeping on the couch at my brother’s place, that obviously can not last too long. He has a girlfriend and she is not going to allow this to continue any longer than it is necessary. Tomorrow I am going to go and register for classes and then I am going to find a used car. I need to search for apartments in Colton CA too, but I want to see if anyone I know is going to need a roommate. That is going to take a lot less money than getting a place on your own. Of course I want to save as much money as is possible, without living in my Mom’s basement. That is an option and she is mad at me for not doing it already. She has a huge house with plenty of room and I need to save money, but I do not want to tell girls that I live with my Mom. I would suspect that a lot of them do as well, especially when it makes sense for them to do it.

At any rate I have all sorts of things that I need to do and all of them need to be done without depleting my savings any more than is necessary. The Navy is going to be helping me out when I get enrolled in school, but I am not going to be having any money left over for nonsense. So it is something where I am going to have to think about it each and every time I reach in my pocket for my wallet. I am not going to be drinking at all, since that often leads me to waste money for no reason.